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A kid’s party is quite different from other ones, and so the approach to organizing it should also be different. If you are organizing such an event, you must, first, understand the things that go for making it a grand success. There are many aspects right from creating theme, decoration, sitting arrangement to the most crucial one: entertainment for kids. The fun and pleasure is heart of a party for kids. If you have such a party, it would be a good idea to hire cartoon character famously known as mascot entertainer.

Mascot party rental, a flagship program of Rent Fun Parties, is all about that. It would be a good choice for you if you are looking for Cartoon Mascots rental in Dubai for your kid’s party.

Rent Fun Parties is one of the few event and party organizers with specialization in party for kids. We strive to be the partner to the success of your party. As a leading party organizer in Dubai, we have a vast range of cartoon characters for hire. From Spider-man, Venom, Doc Mc Stuffins, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minion, Cinderella, Snow White, Minnie Mouse, Sponge Bob, Clowns, Santa Clause to Batman. Just dig through our collection to find out the right one for the party for kids. The best idea is to choose more options than one. Children would for sure love multi character mascot ideas.

Under Mascot Party Rental, we offer a variety of mascots of popular cartoon characters. Whether it is kid birthday party or kids 16 special day, we have the right collection of mascots that are sure to appeal to your kids.

From popular cartoon character mascots, animals, clowns to several other popular figures that kids like, we have a lot of variety.

At Rent Fun Parties, you can also find a wide variety of costumes for different characters of popular cartoons. Check below our popular costume offerings:

Costume Categories

  • Prince and princesses
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Superheroes
  • Bears, Dogs, Monkeys and other animals
  • Santa, the Easter Bunny and other holiday characters
  • We are continuously getting new Cartoon Mascots for rental in; so we have a unique and excellent selection to pick from!

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