It’s easy enough to find jumping castles, clowns, cartoon mascots, magicians and face painters to book for kids’ birthday parties in Dubai but hard to find a source that can give you the best kids party ideas. A puppet show! This is where Rent Fun Parties perfectly fits into the frame. Besides bestowing you with all the above said facilities, our pro party entertainers also aid you with exciting puppet shows. They are here to perform highly memorable puppet shows for kid’s party to bring children and parents in high spirits! Our puppet shows for kids’ party make a great impression on party guests.

We specialize in offering the fully interactive and funny puppet shows for kids’ party that will for sure take your event to the next level of enjoyment where fun and enthusiasm know no bound. Our puppet shows have been favorites for kids and adults alike throughout Dubai for long years. All of our puppet performances include lovable casts of funny animals that are highly engaging to kids. Our puppet shows also include funny props, magic tricks, age-appropriate educational content with apt sound effects and background music.

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