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Hire Water Combo: Enjoy the Best Fun of Bouncy and Slider

Party is all about fun and pleasure. And water slider is a great way to create that fun at your party. It is by far the choice of entertainment ever at a party during summer. So planning to host a party this summer to beat the scorching heat, do think about sliders and other such games. Some water toys along with slider are all you need to have a great party.

A summer outdoor part and without a slider! Water jumping, sliding and other similar things have become a common phenomenon at all functions today- be it a birthday party, corporate event or colleague get-together.

Water sliding is getting popularity at all sorts of parties. As it is the best cheap alternative to the expensive water theme park, water sliding seems the obvious choice for low budget functions. Also, it is easy to install anywhere within a fraction of time. So it is something best choice for a party decided overnight. 

With your different needs in mind, we at Rent Fun Parties have got a wide range of combo packages that include a water slide, bounce castle. We also offer customized packages, and you can choose any two of the options we have.  You choose a package comprising of either water slider & water bouncy or wet & dry bouncing.

Our water slider rental service is meant to provide you and your guests a good time, allowing you to make more fun and enjoy the event at your own residence without to the most.

With water slide rental service provided by us, your kids will surely have a blast and feel fresh all day long.

We have a vast collection of water sliders to choose from. If you are having a kid party, water slide blue orange green water combo will make a good choice. Also, Barney jungle combo is what you should consider if you want to create the feel of Disney land. In addition, we have many more options of sliders that will surely excite your kids and let them have the best fun and pleasure during the whole party.

We also have water slider options for parties involving adults. And mammoth mountain drop is the best option here. It resembles the screamer water slide that brings you incredible amounts of fun to families and large events to beat the scorching heat of this summer. Climbing up the ladder and sliding down at full pace is a quite exciting experience that you would like to do more often.

Mammoth mountain drop water slider is the best fit for functions like team building event, council event, and backyard party, team building day or corporate event.

We also offer hire water combo comprising under water slide and water bounce castle. It is the perfect the perfect entertainment and attraction for all the children. But you can also hire for older people. It is designed to accommodate 7 children to play at the same time. Under water slide is used mostly in the gardens, birthday parties and the most preferred choice of children. Completely unisex themed so, it is the perfect party having both boys and girls.

Throwing a party for your princes? You can go with our princes combo water.

Give our waterslide rental service a try and see how we are the best choice for water bouncy for your party. All of our slides are disinfected and spic and span.


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